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My personal comments

I agree with you about the lack of a "Today" program, and the terrible weakness of the PC Suite software.

Here are some other objections I have:

No auto-keylock feature - you have to manually turn on keylock every time. My old T68i's auto-keylock was very nice. This is such an obvious feature, why isn't it there?

No alarm program. Again contra t68i.

The built in browser is quite weak. Odd error messages, randomly stops working, script errors with hotmail, etc.

A lack of helpful error messages (everything is "unable to complete," with no explanation) makes it very difficult to troubleshoot problems.

Difficult (no success so far) to configure Palm to use it as a modem.

Bluetooth connection software for PCs is very weak; compatibility issues of various kinds with my 3com bluetooth card, and apparently other people's as well. Even SE's terrible software was better than this!

And here's what I think was done very well:

I find the menus to be very fast, really quite pleasing. But then again, the menus on the t68i were crud-slow.

The contact menus are very inuitive. The configuration menus, perhaps less so.

The messaging software is excellent. I haven't been able to get the e-mail client to connect to my IMAP server yet (see my thread on GPRS problems), but the SMS and MMS software is very intuitive and integrates well with the contacts application.

The screen is beautiful. Gorgeous color, and I love the analog clock. I'm looking forward to the availability of more themes.