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Default Nokia Music Player is not refreshing songs from Memory Card in Nokia C5-05


I'm new to this forum... My phone is Nokia C5-05 V 23.5.015 ..... I'm too having trouble with my Nokia default music player... Library isn't refreshing.. It says "0 files(s) added"... I tried resetting by *#7370# 3-4 times, formatted my memory card 2-3 times... Deleted the files from the following directories :
Private\101f8857\Cache\E ; Private\101ffca9

and files mpxv2_2.db and mpxv2_2.db-journal(Mp3 library db), pcv6_1.db and pcv6_1.db-journal (podcast library db) from Private\10281e17.

Please help me.. I don't know whats wrong....