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Originally Posted by hgroth View Post
I just purchased the N95 locked to Orange. How can I unlock it, so I can update the firmware and use it on Vodafone?

If you got the phone as part of an Orange contract, phone Orange CS on 150 and order the unlock code. The cost will be £20. Wait 1-4 weeks for the code.

If you bought the phone 2nd-hand on eBay or elsewhere, do the following:-
1. Buy an unregistered/unused Orange SIM-CARD
2. Phone 450 and register the phone IMEI (serial number) and the SIM CARD.
3. Top up the SIM CARD by £25 (read my P.S. below).
4. Wait 1 week
5. Phone 450 and order the unlock code. If asked why you want the code, say you have £50 credit on your old Vodafone SIM you wish to use up and that you accept the £20 unlocking charge and will still be £30 better off.
6. Wait 1 to 4 weeks for the code.

P.S. Why top up by £25 instead of just £20?... because Orange PAYG customers are charged for Customer Service calls. You can always use any remaining credit for Orange Wednesday cinema tickets, etc.
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