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Originally Posted by Tzer2 View Post
Berty, if you look further up in this thread you'll see someone giving pointers about getting it working on an E71 (or any other S60 phone), it's the post about editing the javascript file.
Originally Posted by ajck View Post
To work on other handsets than n95, n96, n78:

Download the iplayer.wgz file. Rename it so it's called (you might have to get Windows to show you filename extensions). Or, just open the .wgz file in WinZip or another archiver.

Extract all the files, in their folders, so you have a top level folder called iplayer, with a subfolder called iplayer, then in that, folders called css, img, js and some other files.

Open the file in the js folder that's called app-min.js - you can open in NotePad, don't use a word processor, and make sure word wrap is off in notepad.

Search for the text "n95" until you find the text: (n95|n96|n78)
After the "n78" add another vertical bar (above the \ key on a keyboard, next to the left shift key), then the user agent for your phone, which is usually just the model number, in capitals, so N82 or E70 or E71 etc, so the text now looks something like (n95|n96|n78|N82)

Save the file. Re-zip the top "iplayer" folder so you have again (prob delete old archive 1st). Don't use Windows built in zipper (right click folder, send to zip archive) - unsurprisingly it doesn't zip properly and the file won't install. Use winzip, or I used jzip from

rename the archive to iplayer.wgz and install via PC suite app installer as normal.

Note, there's stuff in the script so it only works on phones over a wifi connection (i.e. phone has to have wifi, and you have to select that connection when you run the app). So, you can install on a 6220 Classic for example with user agent "Nokia6220c" but watching progs displays a wifi only message.

I've tried all of this several time, the program just will not install on my handset. E71. Anyone have the finish article I can download?