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Smile Contacts Backup On Memorycard

This is not a full answer to your issue with PC Suite . Anyway you can make a Contacts Backup on Memorycard .
Go to Contacts > Options > Mark > Mark All > Options > Copy to Memorycard .

Luckily PC suite backs up your Calendar , since there is no option to backup the calendar on memorycard .

In general a phonenumber of a contact is displayed , when a contact-item contains more than 1 phonenumber .

The problem of the disfunctioning of PC Suite might be a corrupted file in the Phone's software .
Normally a hardreset is the solution , but you need a backup first before doing this . And it might take even several hours to refurbish , depending on the amount of external - non-firmware attached - Applications installed .

Anyway PC suite made a backup for you , except for contacts , which can be overcome by a contacts backup on Memorycard

Here is the hardware reset trick : dial *#7370# ; or when this doesn't solve the issue , use the Vulcan Death Grip :
1) Phone OFF
2) While keeping hold of : Green + 3 + * buttons
3) Turn the phone ON ; holding all 4 buttons for several seconds until the phone comes to life .

Because this manipulation is fiddly , it might be that you have to try this several times , until the phone asks you to enter date time language etc. , which is a sign it has completed the hard reset .

Hope this was helpfull .

Regards jApi NL