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Tomtom Code numbers

Hi All
I have upgraded my software to the latest version 5 of vodafone software and with no bmp or ov2 files in the map directory the system is rock solid. As soon as I add any poi's then I get the same problem everyone else does on here so the problem is clearly with the poi's.
I have logged a call with tomtom but as soon as you mention third party poi's they dont want to know.
I have downloaded the new version of gestpoi (1.3) and managed to create a new poi.dat.
The problem I have and I guess every one else is that the poi file will only list items on the tomtom itself based on a code number that is listed in the poi.lst file within the poi.dat. Whilst it mentions the name of the category in this file is doesnt appear to actually use it.

So this means I can't actually add my list of 5 speedcam ov2 files with a proper name in the tomtom menu. The only way I can get this to work is to add the ov2 to an existing catorgory such as tennis courts. (which is very confusing)

If you play with the poi.lst and change the numbers then they disaapear all together off the menu. I notice that in the poi.lst it mentions the zip code catagory yet in the tomtom menu (for the UK) it lists it as postcode so this could prove the theory that there are different codes for different countries.

So here's the question....Am I doing this all wrong or does anyone have the list of codes against category names?

I am not sure if there are any for speedcams though as even when you buy these from tomtom directly they inform me they just use ov2 and bmp files.

Best Rgds