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Originally Posted by cbcharlie
There both just as easy to use, once set up, both work great, i give the upper hand to TruPhone just because its 100% free to and from landlines, at least at this current point in time, my vote might switch once we get to 2007.
well its 100% free if other N80 users manage to get an account, or its released before the free peroid finishes...which I doubt, its probably the reason why they didnt release it yet....

The big minus for me is that Truphone dont have and are not planning to have a client for the PC....but as long as they allow both in and out calls to other sip clients like Gizmo then Its something that I can put up with (because many of my friends only have VOIP through their PC)....I just tried calling my TIVI account from my N80 to my Gizmo account on the PC and visa versa in all combinations and all calls went through ok I would think that Truphone should allow this...

And gizmo seems to work fine for me....very clear calls and virtually no lag at all...

I quite like the sound of their "all calls free"plan also

Quite good if I need to call somebody and their PC is off, but its limited to just some countries at the moment, (France and UK are fine which is good for me) but they say they are looking to add more..
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