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The 5230 is neither fluid,fun or easy to use,its touch display is awful,often requiring multiple taps like 5800, so no, reviewer did point out androids consistancy and fluidity if im not mistaken,so the ZTE didnt fail on those.
WRT Androids not being able to be cheap, well Symbians with 256mb RAM and 600mhz CPU arent cheaper than the price point here either, just look at the E5. The 5230 paid the price of being cheap with a weak CPU, poor RAM and ROM,no Wi-Fi, weaker 3G/HSDPA radio, weaker camera etc...Nokia had to cut alot to actualy get the 5230 to be so cheap, when you look at the specs.
The 5230 is nicer to use than the Racer. Easily. Anally retentive straw-clutching points like an extra tap here and there are a neglible difference.

The advantage of Symbian is that you CAN cut CPU etc down and still get a usable phone in a well constructed build. The 3G/HSDPA radio is better on the 5230, the two phones side by side on the same network always shows the better signal on the Nokia. The difference between the camera produced images is barely noticeable, in fact in most conditions the Nokia is better. I have both phones and I can honestly say, if the ZTE Racer was as inexpensive as the 5230 (20%) the ZTE Race would still be overpriced.

The crap that is talked about Android "fluidity" is unfulfilled. There is nothing particularly special about Android, it is way behind iPhone and whilst it is better than Symbian ^1/S60V5, it is not much better. Frankly, I was hoping for great things, but Android is a disappointment. Even with the efforts of manufacturers with their SenseUI etc, it's still just quite ordinary. Consistency and fluidity? LOL. Joke.