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I suppose there's one scenario no one's considered in all the hoo hah about the the E90: that Nokia would lose existing customers but gain new ones, so there might be no change to the Communicator series' fortunes overall. If they gain enough new customers, their Communicator userbase might even expand. New customers wouldn't have any preconceptions about how the device should behave, and they wouldn't miss any of the features of the old Communicators as they never used them.

What's frustrating is that a lot of the complaints are to do with some of the old communicators' apps not being carried over to the new one, and that ought to be so easy to solve by just getting someone to port these applications. It wouldn't take that long, and it wouldn't cost that much either. What's more, because they'd be written for S60, they could be used on non-communicator S60 models too so the costs would be spread across the entire device range, not just one model.

I do take back what I said about being able to send faxes, it would be a useful (although not vital for most people) application to include in the S60 suite, and it shouldn't be too difficult to implement either.
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