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e90 is a communicator

I do not quite understand all those who complain that the e90 should not be claimed "a communicator".

I consider myself a power user and used to have both the 9210i and the 9500 and I do believe that the e90 is a huge leap forward and a step in the right direction. A VERY VERY GOOD JOB NOKIA!!!

It is fast, versatile (the e-mail & document editing capabilities, gps, music player, great camera, advanced voice features - all in one device), one can finally use the outer screen for all those activities that would require one to open the older communicators, etc... In one word - it is a great device!

Of course, I agree that the PIM is a disaster (Nokia - this is something you need to address asap), but fortunately we have Papyrus. The fax is missing, but I give it up with no hesitation - in exchange for the fully usable outer screen. Actually, I fail to see any feature e90 is missing that would make me (even only) think about getting back to the 9500. Even the PIM.

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