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Update with NSU went terribly wrong

Phone: N95 8GB, OS: Win 7 x64, latest NSU, PC Suite, Cable Driver etc....

I was trying to update my phone's firmaware last night, and NSU started downloading the latest version. Under the progress bar there was info about download progress, something like "downloaded XX MB of 132.6MB" (making me assume that phone's firmware was 132.6 MB big). When it got to 132.6MB, the following thing happened: progress bar was, obviously at 100%, but the info said:
downloaded 132.7 MB of 132.7 MB, then
downloaded 132.8 MB of 132.8 MB then
downloaded 140.0 MB of 140.0 MB then
downloaded 200.0 MB of 200.0 MB etc etc...

and really there WAS DATA TRANFER FROM THE INTERNET. It was really downloading something. I've waited until 370 MB, and that's whare I had to stop this nonsense. Phone is fully functional (it never really started writing new ROM into phone), but how big is the new firmare, for how long should I had waited...

What the h*ll happened there? :-|

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