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Originally Posted by MAJ25
PS Hey messus - remember me from the Sendo X forum?!!!

I now have to say, that the Sendo X was pretty damm good despite all my moaning. If it had been stable it would have been way ahead of its time and a superior phone. What a missed opportunity for the failed British company. The only real advantage to the N70 that I can see is the clear menus, 2mp camera of course and just better interface. Application wise its not hugely different to the X.

Hi, yes I remember you!

I don't wanna start a big thread about the N70 vs Sendo X, and that is not
what this thread is about.

Summarized I can not agree with you though, The N70 has twice the processor
power of the X, it has 6 times more internal memory (more apps run simultaniously), the N70 has S60 V2 OS which means FAR FAR better compatibility with more software (which this thread is about), it has 3G/Edge, it has Bluetooth V2.0 standard, it has USB 2.0 support, it has a MUCH MUCH better camera (and not only the resolution, but also the colour- and white-balance), the N70 switch songs (mp3) instantly and does not use 2-4 seconds as the X does, the N70 has a radio and the overall sound quality of the N70 is much better than the X, and lastly; the Sendo X looks good, but the silver look (and compact design and feeling) of the N70 is above all other smartphone I have ever tested!!!

I'll give the X credit for ont thing though, and that is the active desktop, which I think was really good, and better than the one on the N70.

Most important for me though is the compatibilty with TomTom Mobile 5 and QuickOffice with editing capabilities.

If you want to start a thread about N70 vs Sendo X, which I think makes no sense (two different worlds), I suggest you start a dedicated thread for it..

I started this thread for people to know which software that runs on the N70, and which software that "currently" does not.

Also many of the N-g**e games work on the N70, I got absolutely none to work on the Sendo X.

Sendo had a great opportunity, they wasted it!