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yeap, that is the same phone. I was going to get it in the first place, but Samsungs lack of support kind of put me off which is why I went for the N97.

Yes, Samsung support does suck. Basically they dont release worldwide firmwares for their phones, but instead have specific firmwares for each region (Italy/Germany/China etc etc). But the good thing is that the firmwares are easy to "unpack, modify, and repack". I am actually running a cooked firmware which has left out all the nonsense software that Symbian phones come with, giving me a whopping 80mb worth of free space on C.

You can find all the info you need on

Trust me, the i8910 seriously kills the N97. The ONLY thing that the Samsung lacks, which the N97 has, is the physical keyboard, but then again I honestly didnt find the keyboard that great in the first place.