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Vivaz Pro looks promising

The Vivaz Pro looks promising... The only thing missing from my wishlist is the xenon flash.

I've been looking at the N97/N97 Mini, but am holding out a few more months in hopes of a model with xenon flash and slightly more performance. I saw that one supposed Nokia document leak on youtube for the "n87", but that misspelled confidential and I didn't see any confirmation on it being an actual model. -- Does that make it more or less authentic?

Anyway, I have some basic questions about the Vivaz and Vivaz Pro since I'm not very familiar with non-Nokia Symbian phones.

1) Will the Vivaz/Vivaz Pro be able to use the Ovi Store?
2) Does Sony Ericsson (SE) have its own store?
3) I forgot what GPS software the Vivaz and Vivaz Pro are shipping with, but the SE web site had some * next to it commenting on market variation, etc. Do you know if that is a "full version" or a time restricted one? (I'm especially interested in the US one.) How does it compare to Ovi Maps? Ovi Maps is free for the newer Nokia phones... Is there an option for non-Nokia Symbian phones to purchase it? (The Ovi Maps reviews seem to be quite positive.)

One additional request... in the upcoming Vivaz/Vivaz Pro comparison, please comment on the Vivaz Pro photo quality. I know it is 5mp instead of 8mp, but how good of a 5mp is it?
(I would like to have a keyboard so I am looking at the Vivaz Pro.)