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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
i've used both sports tracker and endomondo. both have their merits.

sports tracker is good in that you can review your work outs from the phone itself, rather than go to a pc. so you can have more info at your mobile fingertips. the downside is that it is not accurate, it's too generous. checking against google earth and you can see there are discrepancies. running both apps concurrently and endomondo is more accurate. for this reason, i choose endomondo over sports tracker. also, the social side of it is interesting, i now see what my friends are doing. it also gives you the option of uploading your work outs to facebook, further extending this idea. if endomondo can extend their data to the mobile/ sports tracker make their software more accurate, there'd be two excellent apps out there.

Yeah, I ran them both concurently as well a couple of times, and also found Sports Tracker to be generous on the mileage. Is it to do with how often the software samples the reading from the GPS chip maybe? With Endomondo doing it more, or possibly more likely less often per minute/second than Sports Tracker? Not tried the Symbian^1 Sports Tracker yet so not sure if that's more accurate, would be interesting to find out, and more useful once they have their site properly online.