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crashes on start or no gps lock

I'm running v3.5 on a N86 and seem to have one of two options

1. I launch inside & I am unable to get gps lock (Icon stays orange for the whole 40min cycle ride), but can start a workout and record time only

2. I launch outside & get a gps lock but as soon as I click start the software crashes - when I reopen it says its recovering a workout after a crash and I have a 0seconds workout recorded

neither really work for me ;-)

I've tried:
disabling the wi-fi assist on gps (didn't help)
resetting the phone (#*7780*)
uninstalling reinstalling the software

the old nokia version (2.05) does work (but doesn't have the upload feature from the phone & the maps don't seem to download for me either)

I'd LOVE to get this working as having just started working out having a record to encourage me would really help