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N95 problems

I've had various problems with this phone for some time now. First one appeared a couple of months ago:

The phone was working perfectly all day long, then when I got home and pulled it out of my pocket the screen was black, the backlight was still on and you could barely see an image if it was white and with display brightness set to 100%, like the clock (with the correct angle). I took out the battery, sim card, etc. and the problem persisted, then when i ran out of ideas i just put it in the table and it automagically fixed itself and remained like that for about 2 months.

Now the problem is back and this time it didn't go away. I also noticed the battery started to drain extremely fast, it only lasts 1 night in STAND-BY fully charged, just laying there doing nothing it, where before it could last me about 2 days with average use. Energy profiler shows 0.31w on stand-by, and 0.7w connected to the tv-out.

Second problem, i think related to the first, is the phone freezes consistently for about 100ms every 7 seconds (i noticed using the tv-out cable), but it also happens without it. Looking at the screen it seems to turn off and turn on back again (the image, not the backlight). Again, this started to happen after the black-screen problem, and it seems to affect the keyboard input, camera and the calls output (people tell me i sound good, but they sound choppy to me in the exact time interval i mentioned), music player doesn't freeze when playing a song.

Then i replaced the flex ribbon and it didn't fix any of these problems. Before I gave up and bough a new battery i did a test disconnecting the LCD from the flex ribbon and connected it to the TV, now the phone doesn't freeze, i still have to try leaving it all night long without LCD to see if it doesn't discharges that fast again.

But now I have the following doubt: could it be because a faulty battery not being able to fully energize the LCD, or the LCD it's faulty and it drains the battery too fast and makes the phone unresponsive?