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My 808 started crashing as well today, and the soft-reset sadly didn't solve it. It's weird, besides Maps & Drive, everything on the 808 is fully working as normal. But when I try to launch Maps or Drive, the loading 'wheel' stops at the exact same position every single time, sits there for a while and then just kicks me back to the homescreen. The same thing happens when I try to open the Maps-settings from the settings menu.

I've now reinstalled Maps Suite 2.0 a couple of times (a different method every time, even after a full uninstall) and I'm getting desperate, as I'll be away for the whole of next week and I'll be needing Maps&Drive quite often... Anybody know something? I'm still in doubt as to trying a hard reset and reinstalling the entire OS again through Nokia Suite, but I'm afraid that would take too much time...