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So apparantly, an old trick from 2007 is still valid even with the newest Maps Suite! No matter what I tried (uninstalling, re-installing, soft-reset, etc.) the Maps&Drive kept on crashing while loading, and nothing I did changed this.

Until I came across a tip from somebody on this very forum (and from another age, S60v3 and before!) stating that connecting the phone through Mass Storage and deleting the 'diskcache' of Maps Suite could solve a lot of problems.

One problem I still encountered is that the diskcache is no longer stored in E:\Private\20001f63\diskcache but is now (Belle FP2) in E:/cities. Once I deleted it (backed it up temporarily just to be sure), I fired up Maps and it immediately asked where I wanted to load map data from. I chose Wifi, and after waiting for it to download all the necessary files tapped the icon with a certain amount of anxiety. Sure enough, the Maps sprung to life and showed me the exact location where I clicked before the whole thing crashed and went down (so it must be storing some data somewhere else still?).

But in the end, I don't care! I got my Maps&Drive back to working order and learnt a valuable new trick for when it happens again. Hope this helps somebody in the future ;-)

Ow, and here's a link to the thread where I got the idea from. Thanks HoundDog! And thanks AAS for still being here with the awesome backlog of help-threads!

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