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OK I haven't got round to watching the video yet (but I will, thanks!). However I just want to check before I go ahead that everything is exactly as it should be.

So I apologise for the comment abuse in advance, but here are a series of images which show where I am at currently.

If someone could tell me if it all looks good, I would much appreciate it.

The thing that threw me was Nemesis giving a message after the install that it needed new USB drivers to work properly. I'm not sure if it was important, or maybe related to something else, but it does seem to read the phone's information OK anyway. (Or at least I think it does).

Can anyone please tell me if this looks right? (Again I'm only sweating so much, since the phone was pretty expensive, so I really don't want to screw it up).

OK first I start Nemesis:

I read somewhere I should press the button on the top right of this window, which said 'scan for new devices'. So this is what I did and this is what happened when I did it:

Here I got a little worried as it says something about "Please Copy The Loaders First!" (So I wondered if this might be some kind of error?

So next (as far as I understood it) I should click on the phone info button? If this is correct, then this is the screen I get next:

(Just for good measure, I clicked the "scan for new device" in the top right of this window too (marked in red)).

OK so next I hit the read button in this screen? So when I do this this is what happens:

Is this correct?

Anyway again I'm sorry about the comment abuse and the images - and I don't want to make it sound more complicated to me than it really is. It actually seems like a fairly simple process. But again I just want to look before I leap and make certain I've got it right before proceeding.

Also I'm still a little lost on which specific product code to use?

I am not even certain I know what a "plum orange" or what a "Euro1 plum" is?

All I do know is I have a Silver UK Nokia N95 and that it is locked to Orange.

It looks exactly like this:

Again I really do apologise for being so nearly pedantic about this, but I just want to make sure I don't end up with an expensive brick by doing it.

In any case, as things stand right now I don't have a choice. There are too many glitches still that make the phone not as useful as it should be not to upgrade. So I am hopeful that upgrading should resolve these.

Anyway if things work out maybe I will try to be helpful and use these images to make my own simple pictorial that I can post on these forums.

On another note - I am a bit of a homewbrew fan. (My last project was hacking the Sony PSP and playing around with all of the homewbrew it can use). Is the N95 in any way homebrew enabled? If so what apps. exist for it? If not are there any apps. that are not homebrew - but which I can still install anyway? Again if so, how can I find out what these are?

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