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Originally Posted by kvu View Post
Hi Ziffos and thread members.

Have to say this site is totally useful and I really appreciate all those that have put the effort in to create and sustain it. This is my first post, but I hope to help others in the future soon.
I currently have a Vodafone E51 Black with Product code 0552941, Software version 150.34.15 on a RM-244 Nokia E51 (225.04) and have tried to change the product code to one of the Euro 1,2,3 Black editions above using NSS.
The product code change works fine, but when I run NSU it finds no software update for the version I am using. I find this strange as when I change the prodcut code back to the Vodafone UK one, the NSU finds the software update and says it can reinstall the current version (which is the most up to date version available).

Am I doing something wrong as I want to get rid of the Vodafone software - the phone came without a SIM lock from Vodafone as I can install other UK sims fine from new.

A helping hand would really be appreciated.

Hi KVU and welcome to the Forum.
I am afraid that I may be giving you bad news as I believe that mobile phones with Vodafone software cannot change their product codes and therefore are unable to get rid of the "unsightly" branding. I believe that Orange branded phones have the same problem.
If I am wrong in this information then I hope that other forum members will tell us.
Sorry I was unable to help but good luck with the E51 as its a fantastic phone.
At my age it can be difficult to understand what others regard as simple.
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