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Originally Posted by ziffos View Post
Hi KVU and welcome to the Forum.
I am afraid that I may be giving you bad news as I believe that mobile phones with Vodafone software cannot change their product codes and therefore are unable to get rid of the "unsightly" branding. I believe that Orange branded phones have the same problem.
If I am wrong in this information then I hope that other forum members will tell us.
Sorry I was unable to help but good luck with the E51 as its a fantastic phone.
Thank you for your reply!
Well that sucks doesnt it?! You would have never thought that the firmware has been locked forever. Does that mean that any Nokia phone with Vodafone UK software is subject to the same issues? I see many people talk of their N95's etc. and I wonder if they have had the same issues.

I have Nokia E90's and E61i's in my business all on Vodafone Business so it would be interesting to know.

Thank you to anyone who replies!

Best wishes