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Originally Posted by kvu View Post
Thank you for your reply!
Well that sucks doesnt it?! You would have never thought that the firmware has been locked forever. Does that mean that any Nokia phone with Vodafone UK software is subject to the same issues? I see many people talk of their N95's etc. and I wonder if they have had the same issues.

I have Nokia E90's and E61i's in my business all on Vodafone Business so it would be interesting to know.

Thank you to anyone who replies!

Best wishes


I don't think it's a case of the Vodafone FW being "locked", more that there simply hasn't been any firmware released to replace it. Changing the product code is only part of the process. This merely tells the updater to download firmware for different operator or region. Fact is, AFAIK, Nokia haven't issued any updates for the E51 so the updater has nothing to install, other than the version you already have.

Another observation is that unlike the N95 it would appear that the E51 has been dropped (or not taken up) by most retail outlets (e.g. it's no longer sold on O2 PAYG) and is mainly being sold as B2B. I ended up getting mine by mail order as there wasn't anywhere I could buy it over the counter. I guess that means there is little pressure for Nokia to publicly release updates via the NSU because of the limited distribution, and why pretty much every one ships with the Vodafone build. Hopefully that will soon change, but, knowing Nokia and it's support history with other E series, I wouldn't bank on it.

Not that that's such a big deal. Compared to their treatment of other phones, the Vodafone wrap is pretty thin anyway.

It only took me about 10 minutes to delete the preconfigured Access Points and Email accounts, uninstall the Vodafone Live apps, and reassign the key short-cuts and screen savers back to standard, so it now behaves like a standard Nokia. The only thing I can't seem to get rid of are the bookmarks in the browser.

Plus, with no later versions around, there are no bug or feature fixes to be had by forcing in other firmware. As far as I can tell, the only thing you are going to achieve by messing around with NSS etc. is to throw your 2 year EU warranty out of the window. That's a high price to pay for little gain!

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