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Hello all!!!!

Just to clear up lots of misunderstanding that there seems to be above.

1) You can change a vodafone/orange branded phone to a non branded version of firmware. Change as per the instructions above at the top, and then when NSU says there is no firmware update available take the option of 'reinstalling' the firmware and you will get your debranded firmware.

2) This does NOT take away the SIM lock though - the SIM lock is a seperate lock and nothing to do with the firmware - you will still only be able to use a vodafone SIM for example.

3) When restoring a backup where you have changed your product code, never EVER under any circumstances restore the 'settings' part of the backup. This is what causes the phone to get screwed up and you have to use the hard reset trick.

(for example most vodafone firmware disables the VOIP phone sections of the firmware [and appropriate settings], and so cannot be restored onto a non branded firmware phone as the settings dont match up)

you can restore contacts, notes and calendar just fine though.

Hope this helps.