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You do not need internet connection for routing. From options inside ovi maps you select "Go Offline" if it is already online or you can set Ovi maps to prompt you everytime it is launched whether to go online or not. Things you do not have with not going online is, online searching within maps for places, live trafic info, weather alerts etc... Offline search of places exist though.

Good thing about this is, it will also re-route like normal tom-tom or any other GPS and no cost.

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Newbie question alert

For what features is a data connection essential (i.e. can't be worked around somehow)? e.g. my understanding is all maps can be downloaded but routing requires an internet connection.

If routing does require internet (and I understand there is a monthly cost too?) does it just require it initially when calculating the route, or continuously?

I am evaluating Ovi Maps vs my usual combination of TomTom for driving and Google Maps for everything else.

Any other features of Ovi Maps require internet?