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Oh ohh I see a xenon vs led fight starting again. Ewan you are quite right but I don't think it was worth mentioning, it's not a phone made for imaging so I wouldn't expect it.

I think I should make the xenon points now.

Xenon is undeniably better, how well LED is doing is besides the point, for a phone like this it is a very good point, and can be compared with past LED lights, for an imaging flagship argument it holds no ground

the argument of size to fit in a xenon is not valid the nokia 6220 classic was very thin

nokia have clearly run into some sort of competition issue? It just seems all too fishy to me that nokia have decided to pull xenon. Notice how nokia quickly without need pulled the 6220 classic and replaced it with the 6720 ( I think it's called) it's pretty much identical minus the xenon.

Once again it does not matter for most phones nokia release but since they call the n86 their flagship imaging device, complaints should be expected.