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I think you've glancingly hit the nail on the head Ewan

One reason the X6 is basically the same as the 5800-N97/N97mini (especially the later two) and the reason I think they have repeated the glaring hardware and software faults of the N97's is that they DO have most of their resources working on either Maemo and it's next generations or SF^3 but mostly SF^4 and related handsets. Therefore are trying to change as little on the hardware platform as possible (like leaving woeful RAM level unchanged) so they don't have to allocate extra resources to changing code on an already dead platform to bring out new handsets. I can't believe they haven't realised that the N97's and the X6 don't really cut it but have released them as interim measures on what is basically the 5800 platform (which in itself was an interim measure based on old platform) whilst they get modern generation platforms together.

Which is unfortunate for those who pay 449 for an X6 (even allowing for CWM) and those who bought into the N97 as a flagship models. They're all very poor. Nokia better pray the new iPhone isn't as good as rumours imply or their new platforms are unbelievable and they're not caught aiming at the previous generation iPhone only to be caught with their pants down by the new generation release again.