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Originally Posted by Hurlley View Post
Oh ohh I see a xenon vs led fight starting again. Ewan you are quite right but I don't think it was worth mentioning, it's not a phone made for imaging so I wouldn't expect it.

I think I should make the xenon points now.

Xenon is undeniably better, how well LED is doing is besides the point, for a phone like this it is a very good point, and can be compared with past LED lights, for an imaging flagship argument it holds no ground

the argument of size to fit in a xenon is not valid the nokia 6220 classic was very thin

nokia have clearly run into some sort of competition issue? It just seems all too fishy to me that nokia have decided to pull xenon. Notice how nokia quickly without need pulled the 6220 classic and replaced it with the 6720 ( I think it's called) it's pretty much identical minus the xenon.

Once again it does not matter for most phones nokia release but since they call the n86 their flagship imaging device, complaints should be expected.
Good points, and very well made.

Its not an imaging device, but the camera is basically a 3 year old design. Which is pretty poor, especially for the price. Also the LEDs are in the wrong place - they should be by the side or above. Not below. Putting them below tends to make pictures look a little unnatural.

The N86 didn't have Xenon due to "size". Which is a little bizarre, as the N82 isn't exactly what you'd call huge, neither are other such as the C905.

However Nokia are in dire need of something to give their range a bit of flash (excuse the poor pun). The 5530, 5800, X6, N97 and N97 mini all have the same resolution screen, same processor and same memory - the only differentiations are minor differences in other hardware, and they're charging one helluva lot for those minor differences.

I know that there is a lot more to a camera than pixel counts, but Nokias flagship has 8mp and LEDs, the SE flagship has Xenon and LED. Hellooooo Nokia, do you actually have a clue, or is your collective head still up your collective corporate back side.

I've seriously liked some of the Nokia products over the years - my N73 and N95 are still running well, but the 5800 was basically a UI disaster after what seemed to be promised from their original ideas, it seemed like a hastily put together stop gap.

I was kinda hoping that the X6 would be the one to correct some of this - sadly it really isn't.