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The Apple flagship (V4 in July) is rumoured to have an LED flash - this decision made because of the physical 'footprint'.

The Nexus one has LED.

The Motorola Droid/Milestone had LED.

The flagship HTC WinMo phone (can't remember what it is called) has LED.

The X6 is a music phone. The natural choice is LED. No capacitor recharge, no high voltages, and stay-on flashight mode, less environmental and green manufacture issues (remember Nokia holds an award for green initiatives), longer life on average and more robust.

The people making these decisions are not the 0.001% of phone buyers obsessed with Xenon. They are the ones that know that the dfference xenon makes really isn't all that important to the vast majority and have very real budgetary, marketing and engineering concerns to deal with. Not just armchair evangelism and keyboard campaining.