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I am a little concerned about size and weight - it looks huge in hand held shots - also I think the N97 feels heavy at 150g - the E7 is 176g.

I find a physical keyboard useful but find the cranked `clamshell` arrangement of the N97 awkward to use in most standing\mobile situations -great at a desk (if I am at a desk I have usually got something larger to type with) but I would find personally a keyboard slider similar to N900 more useful.

I do not have a problem with a virtual keyboard if it is appropriately responsive and reasonably well calibrated - its one less component to go wrong if the virtual one works well - this obviously depends on usage for the ammount of text I require I would think it was more than adequate.

With the larger screen I would be concerned about battery usage also.

I also under use the camera in my N97 and may be encouraged to use on a day to day basis with a larger sensor \pixel size and ease of removing sd card and therefore in the short term willing to give the N8 a go.Generally I automatically go for my cannon comapact from bag as it is so much easier to remove card and transfer files.I have wireless tranfer on my phone but its still another job to set up - (I suppose its only taking the back of phone - I am probably making that out to be too big a deal)

I also find I am using my N97 more and more for long periods of time as a ebook reader and therefore weight and ergonomics are quite important(this is also going to be a balance between size of device and screen size)

I think I will therefore in the short term go for the N8 and look to see how the alleged N9(and meego apps) will develop.


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