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Originally Posted by ashg77 View Post
When I first saw this phone i was sold.

Looks like a perfect form factor. Same hinge mechanism as my N97 but then I realised its missing 2 things that my N97 offers me and that I actually use quite frequently:

* FM Transmitter (I could make do without this)
* MicroSD card slot - This one i can't do without as I do sometimes like to load a card up with movies so I can watch them on long journeys. You could probably use USB OTG to replicate this functionality but its not the same (even though I think that USB OTC is a really cool feature!)

The other downside to an otherwise really cool phone is the lowish resolution by Q3 2010 standards. This is made worse by the increased screen size.

So its probably going to be the HTC Desire Z for me (aka TMobile G2), which should be announced in Europe today.
Just a reminder this thing has USB hosting .. so you can attach a thumb drive - there are really tiny ones available .. that ought to solve your storage problems.

Perhaps not such a deal-breaker ??