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Originally Posted by jerm View Post
8mp with dual led is no 12mp carl zeiss with xenons, but i think it can make do. i carry my dslr with me and make do with what i can if i don't have it
A proper xenon flash would be nice but as far as I'm concerned anything above 5mp is fine for a phone - the sensors are so tiny that you just end up with horrible noise at anything much bigger than that. The N97s camera has been a massive disappointment for me, I just hope they've improved on the actual image quality (sensor, optics & software) rather than just adding on megapixels and flashes.

As much as I love the look and spec of the E7 I just can't help feeling the software will be the same let down that we're used to, and like someone mentioned there's already S^4/MeeGo on the horizon so soon all S^3 phones will be in the same place as our S60 v5 phones where no one develops for them due to it soon becoming obsolete.

Personally I just think Nokia need to sort out their OS issue, either start using Android or pull out of the high end smartphone market until S^4 and/or MeeGo are mature enough to put on a handset and then really push that as their new long term OS - at the minute I can't get excited about a new Nokia phone because S^3 just seems like a half step between what we have now and where Symbian really should be.