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Thanks very much for having the patience to read what I wrote. I guess I could have answered some of these questions by reading the instruction manual - but that's not something most guys tend to do - and that manual if helluva thick too...

So yeah, the bottom line is update the firmware and download the UK maps via WLAN and I should be good to go?

What about maps of Europe? Can I install these somehow too? Will these cost extra money? Also, you have to pay to access the GPS service? I think I remember reading somewhere that this cost 40~ish pounds for something like 3 years or so - which is fair enough as this is probably longer than I will have the phone.

Anyway hopefully if I can figure out the firmware flash thing, the WLAN and bluetooth, GPS and a few other things with will be a bit more stable too.

It's alright I guess - but a lot of it still seems a bit glitchy really.