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If you have followed my posting pertaining to my Satio which is still in SE service centre waiting for the replacement part to arrive. The waiting seems to be like an internity. The phone is just not responding to input. I cannot even activate my SIM card. Prior to this when I want to check what apps are running behind the background by pressing the menu button in the middle for a second or two. The Calender keeps popping up instead. I got myself a N97 Mini on Dec. 4. So far I have no complains about the phone & it works far better than the Satio. UI is more responsive than the Satio. Is more solid & heavier as it does not have acres of plastic as found in the Satio. Battery last a lot longer. The UI responsiveness is still no where near the iphone when it comes to swiping & scrolling. Hopefully next year when they launch a newer version things will improve. I just do not understand SE's business philosophy. They are merely chasing customers away.