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Hi There,

Blimey they have got it a bit wrong haven't they.
You are absolutely correct in everything you said, unless they have actually done something physicaly to harm the phone (dropped it, smashed it etc.) then as you say thay have the tools to fix any software problems themselves. They must have in order to be capable of preforming the upgrade in the first place.

I had mine done from 3.16 - 4.39 with no hassle what so ever, am contemplating getting it flashed to 4.47 asap just to keep up to date, again returning to the same place as they seem very helpful.
I think to be honest you have found one of those places that isn't and they do get mentioned about in these forums every now and then. Shame really as the NSC's just get a bad name for themselves.
As you say it may be worth kicking up a fuss as it shouldn't take that long. Also if it's still very new the phone perhaps it should be replaced also?

Keep us informed. Ian