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Lightbulb im not shore but i have an idea

this is a horrible phone it looks like a brick its horrible the samsung d500 is the best ever, whoever made this phone ive got way better ideas then this ive got one now ive just thought of it realy quickly i could do a better job then that,maby some people like it but probaly not much i mean im 12 years old i have loads of ideas for old people to young people maby we should get to choose ideas for phones at the age that i am and up it would be so cool plus that compony would have ideas that people like so you will be erning alot of money and so would i, ok maby im getting a bit carried away and im not the sharpest pencil in the box but it is easy to see that this is not the nicest phone ever yeh maby cool touch screen and that but people wont buy it if it looks horrible and you need to get heard of i have only just found out that you exsist, yeh maby it would cost alot of money to make it but at least you would be getting loads of money back because its such a great phone and oh yeh if you make a new phone call it han235f