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Hi Steve,

While I may not always agree with you, I will give the nod when you are spot on.

Face Time is nothing new. My wife and I have video called when I needed to get something and wasn't sure, or my daughter wanted to show me something, etc... The ability has been there, but the "WOW" factor has been missing in action. Apple is a master at taking common technology and making it appeal to the masses. This is something Nokia continues to miss. Until they realize that hardware alone does not make a better product, they will continue to have the N97 fiascos. Apple takes average hardware, and marries it up with user-friendly software that has an: "oh ah" factor built in. The iPhone and iPad makes you want to use them or just play with them. I have not felt excitement about a Nokia phone in a long time. The last one being believe it or not the N810. To date Nokia phones seem utilitarian in nature. They work, and work great but as soon as I am done with it, I put it back in the draw or its case. No wow factor. Many Nokia fans criticize or even say that Apple products are all flash but so what. What is wrong with having a product that is aesthetically pleasing as well as providing a degree of cool?

Once again, good article.