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While I tend to agree on the fact that Apple is good at presenting things for the average user, they also have screwed the operators by only allowing video calls over wifi.

Understandably in the scenarios you present about using videocalling to contact family members that are far away, still mentioning Skype as a comparison is a bit wrong. (You can use Skype with a handset, but usually you are in front of a computer.)

As a friend of mine (Gone from Symbian to Android handset) says:
"Apple is good at driving forward and screw people".
To clarify what he said he meant that Apple is good at just doing what they want by NOT following the rules and then apply to them afterwards. (DRM music in iTunes, Lockin to one platform, Multitasking)

As for Android (Google), Windows (Microsoft) and Symbian (Nokia, primarily) they try to make compromises and try not to anger any operators and apply to the different laws in various countries before doing something.
This is what the situation really is.

Going back to the case of the cost of videocalling it is indeed a bit more expensive than an average phone call and you do need to have (minimum) 3G coverage. Still the cost have gone down a lot since it's initial launch. Add to the factor that operators do have to get back their investments in terms of building more signal towers etc. from somewhere it's not the biggest sacrifice to pay a little extra. (And I'm a pay-as-you-go customer)

One thing that could be useful is that since now Apple pushes videocalling or FaceTime out to the average user this will be common for other people and hence drive the usage of this service up. The only thing really exciting about FaceTime is that you can move the picture of the person you are speaking to anywhere you want. Besides that there were nothing too much exciting about the new iPhone.

In the meantime it wouldn't surprise me if Apple suddenly decides to allow FaceTime to run over the cellular network in the future.

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