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I dont thinks thats very fair for the person who brought the phone! I brought my phone 2nd hand on ebay an NGAGE and It had Opera installed on the Mmc .. Being new to symbian phones when i went home i copied all the data on the mmc to my hdd .. I then formatted the mmc and filled it with mp3s etc..a few hours later i copied the exact files back into the mmc and when i clicked on Opera i get an error " system Error " I tried emailing opera no reply and then I downloaded the Opera software from the site and I reinstalled it .. But after I reinstalled it (Phone mem )I get a 14 day trial wtf!!Also tried unistalling it and installing it onto my mmc where all the original opera files were Since before i copied all the data from mmc to hdd i didnt remember getting a 14 day trial msg but the full version !!! Since Opera was included with m Ngage doesnt that mean I own the full version of Opera also ?? I got the system error not only with opera but , uvsmstyle and settingswizard ! I am from australia and the seller was also from aust .. I welcome your comments Still havent recieved reply from Opera .. at least telling me that I dont own the full version or not!!!