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I guess we were somewhat blessed with the N97 with quite a lot of the apps already being there, and being Symbian and quite a major OS already, Google has no problems producing apps for it, unlike the Maemo which sounds like it might need more homebrew kind of stuff. Not knocking it, just saying it's not so readily known like the Symbian version.

I can go and recommend all those apps to my mate.

As I say, Im torn between keeping my N97, holding out for an N8, or going google Android with HTC Desire.

Without doubt, N97 has one of the best HW platforms available (excluding the original GPS issues). Stick android onto that, there would be no debate IMHO.

Unfortunately with Symbian, the Apps Store (OVI) is quite poor and things can take an age to get ready for Symbian. So yes, Im worried about if I did go to the N8, whether I'd be able to get any UPnP programs, DivX playback programs, Google Maps etc etc. It's seems more popular to write software for android and iphones than symbian. And the whole sort of widgety interface just seems quite dated now. Made the best of a good thing, but not much more. I mean web browsing, and the whole photo gallery and video experience on the N97, the entire menu structure, it's all so, ugh.

I don't like the SMS/Email entry system on the N97, although it saves itself due to the keyboard. Take that away, and you're reduced to that horrible interface, and Im not sure how well that's gonna work on the N8.

I really need more in depth videos on the N8 to make a fair analysis, because everything could be tweaked for a proper touch screen interface. There again, I could be waiting a year for the software vendors to roll out their software.

Though once again, some cracking hardware on the N8, shame about the screen.

I quite like the Android because it has matured, it's hugely modular and customisable with hundreds and thousands of useful apps. It's been written from the ground up rather than a hack on like the touch screen interface on the N97 But there is something lacking for me on the hardware front of current devices, like lack of onboard memory, no xenon flash, possible limit on video recording to only thirty minutes.

Yet its software and flexibility is hugely desirable to me.


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