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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Before yesterday, I upgraded of OVI Suite to, and with a lot of hope, I tried one more time use it. Then I did all configuration to make the contacts synch. I'm so angry, so annoyed, so... One more time I lost a lot of information of my contacts in all bases,, Microsoft Outlook and Phone. I lost addresses, e-mail accounts, phone numbers and I had some contacts duplicated. What do you suppose that I have to do? Sue Ovi Suite's team for my lost and they incompetence? This "OVI Suite" Will never be a useable. How I am sorry now!
Sorry for your loss and there's not much you can do now. However, for the future, Outlook and PC Site make it easy to recover from such disasters if you plan ahead. Before doing anything, export your Outlook data as a PS file (File menu, Import/export, or just copy your Outlook.pst file to a temp folder.

If you have an all-points disaster, delete all your data in Outlook, and import the backup file. Then Sync with PC Suite setting it for one sync to erase all phone data and copy over the Outlook data to the phone. Don't forget to change the sync settings back to normal when you are done. Quick and easy, you are back to where you were before you began.

I never touch anything OVI without doing this first.