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N79 light time-out bug with auto lock!

I bought the phone (Nokia N79) 2 days ago and i guess i found power saver bug from it. If i use auto lock, it will always screw my light time-out setting.

For example i set light time-out and power saver time out to 30sec, then auto lock to 3 minutes. Before the auto lock kicks in, the light time-out works fine. But after first auto lock locks my phone 3 mins later, and after i unlock it, the phone always dims the light of the screen after 5 sec and few secs after that blanks the screen completely... When i go again to the light time out settings to modify the time for example to 25sec, it works fine again, but after the second auto lock locks my phone the problem happens again...

Is this a bug? Any help?-)

I tried to update the phone from Nokias website but it said that my phone is up to date... Duh!

It's a great phone anyway, but annoying until i get it fixed.


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