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Originally Posted by Rafe View Post
Copy and paste can, in some situations be done with Ctrl+C (but you need to hold down Func+Chr+C to get this on the keyboard). You can highlight text (in edit situations) by holidng the shift key and moving the direction pad. Copy will appear as on of the softkey labels.

Page up and page down are Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down. Again you access control by pressing the function key first (so Fn+Chr+Up on the keyboard. Doing this directly is awkward. You can press Fn then Ctrl+Up. If you doble tap the function key it becomes sticky (i.e. like cap locks and as tim describes above) and you can then do multiple page up and page downs eaily.

Also handy are the usual silent and Bluetooth keys. From the idle screen hold down # to switch between silent and general profiles. Press and hold down * to switch bluetooth on and off.

I have stickied this thread as I suspect it could be very handy for new users. Please feel free to add your own tips, shortcut and other such things. I may try and keep things consolidated if it gets confusing.

Am I an idiot? This doesn't work for me. I've had an E71 since November 2008 and I can't figure out how to cut and paste. This is particularly frustrating with urls. For example: even with Gravity that has an option to copy links to the clipboard, how do I paste them into my favourite browser?