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Hi Steve,
I cant find the article which you wrote quite some time ago in which you compared diagrams of screen sizes by overlying them over each other. Each unique screen size had a different color and it created a good reference chart for comparing different display sizes.

I have a n95-8gb which had a 2.8 inch display. I wanted to explore S60 5th edition without shelling too much money. Hence the only options are 5800, 5530 and 5230. Wifi is a must for me as I dont use 3g net (financial issues). 5230 is hence out of the picture. I need kinetic scrolling and stable software and in that regards 5530 takes over 5800. The only downside I feel that 5530 has its 2.9 inch screen compared to the 3.2 on 5800. Wanted to know how much difference does it make? Also is 2.9 inch on 5530 a bit more longer than it is supposed to be when compared to the one on N95 8gb as 5530 is less wide compared to N958gb and that would mean more length to compensate for a shrunken diagonal. Please let me know.