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I read nearly every review when you where only writing about the n-gage games. But now I don't bother because most of them are not worth my (and your) time.
If you just want to read about the really good games, take a look at our Recommended section:

...but there are also some pretty good games which don't quite make it in there, games that score 60% or 70% on Ovi Gaming may be pretty good fun if you enjoy their genre.

Not the games with the best graphics or anything but playable games. Games such as "tower bloxx" or "frozen bubble"
I agree those are excellent games, Tower Bloxx is one of my favourite phone games ever in fact. I had it on a really old phone under the name City Bloxx, but it's the same game.

And we have reviewed Tower Bloxx actually! :-)

and we did Tower Bloxx Deluxe too:

Deluxe was a bit disappointing because the 3D graphics actually spoilt the gameplay as you couldn't see what you were doing any more. The original version was better.

Frozen Bubble isn't on Ovi Store and as far as I know it won't be coming to Ovi Store either (or S60 5th Edition, I asked the author about that).

However there are lots of similar Puzzle Bobble clones on Ovi Store, and my personal favourite is Bubble Popper Deluxe, which has an unusual twist on the concept (watch the video to see how it works, the still screenshots don't really explain it properly):

And you should review hyped games like "Asphalt" "Need for speed"(and other pc game ports).
You want to see more reviews of big name games then? Okay, we'll try to do that.

We've looked at a lot of simple games recently because they're quick to do and they're often free so people appreciate knowing about them, but we'll try to get some well-known franchises in the mix as well.