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Connection selection

How so I get Symbian to remember my selection?

Just about every app I use asks if it can access the internet, then asks me to chose the connection. Why?

The answer is always yes and t-mobile internet - The first time I use an app it's reasonable to ask but surely after that they should remember my settings and use them (unless a LAN is available when they should use that).

Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Also, when downloading apps it adds a few more steps - eg asking if I want to download the app THEN asking if I want to connect to the internet then asking me to chose the connection then downloading the app then telling me the flippin version number and asking if I want to install - why SO many steps. With WinMo it was ussually 2 steps - telling it you want the app then confirming where you wanted it installed.

I'm sure I'm just missing the setting that says - 'Ask lots of stupid questions yes/no'

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