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n96 battery

I guess you have Garmin, because i had the following problem:

With firmware v11 my battery last about 48-60 hours (Garmin was also installed)
With firmware v12, my battery started to last at most 24 hours (Garmin was still there)

Then i checked background processes with jbak (a free task man. i strongly advice it) and i realized Garmin's process tsrautostart.exe was running (even the Garmin is offline).

I killed it. Also it loads itself when card loads itself, so i deleted the file cardrunner.dll.
Now if i use Garmin, after closing it i also kill the process.
And now i have again at least 48 hours battery life.

And i do not know why everything was ok with v11. But i certainly had problems with Garmin XT on v12.