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Originally Posted by snuge View Post
i wish to re-install V20 i went into software update and it just says that device is up to date and has no option to re-install? any one know how to do this?
PC Suite normally offers the option to re-install current FW. However, if you have canged the product code since the V20 FW upgrade the new product code may not be approved for V20 FW.
Did you change product code recently?

However, you don't say WHY you want to re-install the same FW version?

Unless the original V20 FW upgrade failed or only partially worked (usually resulting in a bricked handset) then there's no benefit whatsoever in re-installing the same FW...
... unless you are de-branding with a product code change (despite NCC engineers re-applying FW every time they repair a handset!).

Instead, you could simply perform a hard-reset using the boot-up vulcan-death-grip, which resets the phone to factory settings and wipes internal memory...

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Caps shift
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On button
Keep the first three buttons pressed until the Nokia startup music plays"
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