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nexus anyone?

the X6 at this price is just laughable hardware compared to the nexus one google just released, lets not talk about that laughable software its a whole other chapter.

why in the world would someone buy this mediocre phone when you can buy an HTC Nexus One google Phone for much less with a 1GHz Snapdragon and 512MB RAM! WAAABAAAM Espoo! You're being punished for becoming too big to innovate. Nokia talks about how great they're going to be in 2011!! Well guess what, noone is waiting! In 2011 the competition will be so far from where it is now you're never gonna catch up! Just wait till June to see what the iphone 4G will be! Or just wait and see what Android 3.0 is going to be!

Nokia needs to fire all their designers, all their software people and venture out in the undergroud developer scene to find out whats cool nowadays and whats NOT! Cuz they can't seem to figure that out!

X6 = not cool!
Symbian touch = very not cool!! actually i can't think of one phone they have which is cool!
N97 = the N97 has hardware flaws i dont even know where to start but just looking at the horrible keyboard gets me goose bumps.
underpowered hardware = not cool