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The email client which is integrated in the E72 (Email 2.2.0 as of firmware 031.023) by default uses Nokia Messaging. It's essentially just a preconfigured system using IMAP (or IMAP-like) connection to NM's servers which aggregate the collection of mail to provide a push email delivery with minimal configuration from the user.

The user is generally unaware they are even using NM when they use the setup wizard in the E72 email client, unless their email address is not supported by NM, in which case it dumps you into configuring it as a manual mailbox.

The client interface for reading emails is the same, whether you're using NM, manual accounts or MfE. The difference is in the settings, which includes the access points which are different for NM, MfE and manual mailboxes.

When you refer to a standalone client, which is this? Something downloadable separately? As far as I know there is no so client for the E72 from Nokia. Third parties maybe, but I'm talking about the Out of the box experience on a mobile phone targeted at emailing.

Oh, and perhaps the confusion is (again) with Nokia Messaging. The term is used for a number of different applications Nokia provides, which makes it confusing for users. Nokia Messaging for Email is what I'm talking about, which is part of the email client. There is also Nokia Messaging for IM and Nokia Messaing for Social Networks, which are entirely different applications. I'm not talking about these.

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